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Men Waistcoat

"Being properly dressed for the wedding is an important part of pictures going well and everyone enjoying the final product once the day is over and memories are all that is left. Therefore, finding the right men's waistcoat for the groom and his bridal party is going to make a difference to everyone involved. The Beckham Cotton Wedding/Party Men'S Waistcoat is simple and straightforward, with a gray front and a black colour for the shoulders and back. This vest will look attractive with various types of suits and even without a suit coat, if that is the preferred style for your wedding. Meanwhile, the Stripe Cotton Wedding/Party Men'S Waistcoat cotton, four-button, with pin stripes and available in navy, red or gray. This may be better suited to colour-specific suits or those with a certain style and clean lines. This waistcoat is a great choice for weddings where the bridesmaids may be wearing red or navy. Choosing from the more than 40 options for waistcoats is a great opportunity to make sure your entire wedding party is adequately clothed and looking their best for your special day. With these waistcoats, you can have the men dressed in their finest and ready for an evening of fun and celebration."