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"Choosing a hairstyle for a special event, whether it be prom or your wedding day, is a challenge. You can look at pictures and talk to your stylist. However, you can also opt for a great headpiece to wear and make the hairstyle more about supporting the headpiece than being the ideal style and look. Headpieces can make you feel like a princess on that special day, since they look like tiaras or sparkle as part of a bun or other up-do. These pieces can really make a difference in how you look and how you feel for that special event. Consider the Alloy With Rhinestone Ladies' Headbands, which makes it look as if you have a circlet of rhinestone flowers in your hair – great for brunettes or those with other dark coloured hair. Meanwhile, there are options like Alloy Ladies' Combs & Barrettes, which can make your hair look more formal even pulled back and not up. These headpieces provide a focal point for the hairstyle across the back of the head. There is also the simple yet stately Delicate Crystal Ladies' Headbands, which sits just below the hairline and can be worn with a veil to make a beautiful statement on your wedding day."