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Wedding Flowers

Having live flowers for the wedding is great for some people, but the issue of allergies and the flowers wilting and dying too quickly are becoming more and more prevalent reasons for synthetic flowers that can be saved forever. These flowers can look just as beautiful as live flowers and cause less hassle and stress due to petals falling off, wilting or allergy problems for the bridesmaids carrying the flowers. We offer over 200 products that can be carried as a wedding bouquet or worn in the hair to give your attendants a look of beauty that can mimic nature and give your ceremony that natural element. The Excellent As Picture Round Fabric Bridal Bouquets and the Fantastic Fabric Bridal Bouquets are both great examples of the variety of bouquets we have available. The fabric flowers are made to replicate a variety of flowers found in nature, and the bouquets can be large with a lot of flowers of smaller and more simple with replicated flowers and leaves. Meanwhile, the Pretty White Free-Form Fabric Bridal Garland With Wrist Corsages is a sample of hair accessories that can be worn by the flower girl or other attendants. This particular option comes as a garland for the hair and with a matching corsage to be worn around the wrist.