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To hold your wedding gowns a great shape, you will need nice wedding sashes or belts also. The sashes here come in a variety of width, fabric, colour and embellishment. With different thickness of belts, you can use them according to your body size, for petite size, you can use the thin or medium width sashes, if you are medium size, you will pick your favorite, thick or medium width sashes work perfect on plus size body shape. There are white, pink, silver and black sashes, mostly, we suggest you try the contrary colour sashes against your outfit. Alloy metal sashes usually performs great on your wedding gowns, and satin colourful sashes can do better on plain dresses. Embellished sashes like the pearl sashes are great of fashion, you may try on any dresses. Those sashes and belts are functional and even more charming on your special occasion dresses. Check out Stacees dress store, to get plenty of ultimate trendy sashes for your beautiful dresses.