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Ring Pillows

"Your little ring bearer has an outfit, and you know he will look fantastic. However, now you need a ring pillow for him to carry those all-important rings on and not lose them. For that reason, we offer over 40 options for ring pillows, from square or round pillows to heart-shaped or shell-shaped. These pillows are available in a traditional white with ribbon trim or in a more colourful option, such as a deep pink if that matches your wedding décor. The ribbon trim can be a deep contrasting colour or a simple, thin white ribbon. Either one is available on different shapes and different depths of pillow. That way, you can find the pillow that really suits your ring bearer, your rings or even your style of wedding. The Fashion Satin Dark Green Bowknot Wedding Ring Pillow is square with a green bow on a contrast ribbon. This pillow is a great choice for various wedding venues and climates. Another option is the Lace Heart Shape Cute Bear Flower Wedding Ring Pillow, which is cute with teddy bears as decorative elements and beige lace and ribbon as accents. This pillow can be great for a ring bearer that needs “company” for walking down the aisle and a distraction to leave the rings alone."