• Ink Blue(8)
  • Stormy(8)
  • Royal Blue(37)
  • Ice Blue(15)
  • Blue(20)
  • Sky Blue(28)
  • Mist(4)
  • Burgundy(98)
  • Mulberry(10)
  • Red(184)
  • Watermelon(17)
  • Pearl Pink(46)
  • Blushing Pink(37)
  • Candy Pink(25)
  • Coral(22)
  • Dusty Pink(28)
  • Tahiti(7)
  • Lilac(6)
  • Lavender(13)
  • Dusk(5)
  • Wisteria(13)
  • Grape(10)
  • Fuchsia(22)
  • Regency(2)
  • Dark Green(29)
  • Peacock(1)
  • Lime Green(1)
  • Mint Green(9)
  • Turquoise(8)
  • Yellow(3)
  • Daffodil(13)
  • Champagne(59)
  • Gold(14)
  • Orange(2)
  • Taupe(3)
  • Silver(40)
  • White(45)
  • Ivory(26)
  • Steel Grey(11)
  • Black(146)
  • Black White(1)
  • Multi Colors(5)

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Special Occasion Dresses

Spending an evening out is a fun time, especially when you have special plans or an event to attend. If those plans require formal wear or a special outfit, then our Special Occasion Dresses will fit the bill. From dresses worn on the Red Carpet to Ombre multicolor pieces, from Party Dresses to Ball Gowns and Little Black numbers, we have dresses that can make you the center of attention or help you appear stately and intense. Our dresses are typically within a budget that does not stretch your bank account too far, allowing you the look you dream of without spending far too much. Another great feature of our dresses is the ability to request different sleeves. If you fall in love with a sleeveless dress but aren't sure it would suit the mood for the event at hand, you can make a special request on your order to have different sleeves completed for the dress. That way, you can have the look you are hoping for with the appropriate sleeves to suit. Most of our dresses are available in various hues, ensuring that you can find the right color to fit your mood or to allow your significant other to match your look for an event like Homecoming or a Formal. This also means you can have a dress you love in more than one color and expand the number of events or occasions that you can wear that dress to, knowing you look smashing and didn't overspend to look that way. So whether you are shopping for a Cocktail Dress that shows the real you or Pageant Dresses that create just the right image, our inventory offers the right dress for the right price. Be sure to look through our Cocktail Dresses and Two Piece Dresses as well, so you can be sure you didn't miss your dream dress.