• Ink Blue(8)
  • Stormy(11)
  • Royal Blue(20)
  • Ice Blue(2)
  • Blue(6)
  • Sky Blue(22)
  • Mist(2)
  • Burgundy(34)
  • Mulberry(6)
  • Red(37)
  • Watermelon(1)
  • Pearl Pink(44)
  • Blushing Pink(18)
  • Candy Pink(14)
  • Coral(7)
  • Dusty Pink(30)
  • Tahiti(5)
  • Lilac(17)
  • Lavender(8)
  • Dusk(12)
  • Wisteria(10)
  • Grape(11)
  • Fuchsia(5)
  • Regency(2)
  • Dark Green(10)
  • Celadon(1)
  • Sage(2)
  • Turquoise(6)
  • Beige(1)
  • Yellow(2)
  • Daffodil(7)
  • Champagne(25)
  • Gold(6)
  • Taupe(11)
  • Silver(41)
  • White(25)
  • Ivory(19)
  • Steel Grey(15)
  • Black(36)
  • Ombre(1)

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Wedding Party Dresses

A wedding is about celebrating the bride and groom. However, for a traditional ceremony, there are many more people who need to have special attire for the day of the “I Do's,” which is why we offer a variety of clothing styles and choices for not only the bride but the bridesmaids, mother of the bride, the flower girl, junior bridesmaids and even the ring bearer. We know you have a certain idea of how you want everyone to look, and our options go well together to allow you that theme. Even more, we offer reasonable prices to allow a reasonable budget to be maintained. This is important in today's world, where destination weddings are popular, and the cost of living is high. Having an expensive outfit for an event may have been a manageable expense in the past, but all too often now, it is best to find something that is reasonably priced. With our inventory, you can find just what you want for each person – and you can still expect a reasonable price tag. Consider the options, the various styles and even the variety of colours for each style of dress and suit. You will find the ideal match for your wedding party, and we will have it shipped to you in no time once the order is complete.